Normally the Transactions worksheet is protected from accidental change. However, there are times when it is necessary to directly edit the Transactions worksheet. When you select the Unprotect command, the Protection dialog will be displayed. There are four options. The one that is in effect will be checked. To retain that selection, just press the Cancel button. Otherwise, check the option you want, and press the OK button.

The four options are:

1. Protect permanently. This is the recommended setting for normal use. You will not be able to accidentally change any information in the Transactions worksheet.

2. Unprotect permanently. The Transactions worksheet will be permanently unprotected until you select another of the Protection options.

3. Unprotect for the entire session. This option will allow you to make a few changes, issue some Accounting commands, and then make a few more changes. The next time that the workbook is loaded the Transactions worksheet will be protected.

4. Unprotect until Accounting menu selected. This is the recommended setting if you need to change some information on the Transactions worksheet. For example, you may need to change the amount of a check. As soon as you issue another Accounting command, the Transactions worksheet will be protected again.