Clear All (Start up)

When you select the Accounts command, the Accounts dialog screen will be displayed. Click on the Clear All button to erase all transactions and prompt for setup information. This command is used to initialize the workbook for the first time, or for a new accounting period. You will be prompted several times before all transactions are deleted. Click on the Cancel button to keep the old transactions.

After you click on the Clear All button, a new dialog screen will be displayed. In the top edit box, enter the starting bank balance. A number must be given.

In the second edit box, enter the number of the next check that you will write. A number must be given.

In the lower edit box, enter the title that will appear on the printouts. You may also want to include the year as part of the title. If you want to include the ampersand character (&) as part of the title, enter it twice (&&). This is needed because of the way that Excel interprets characters in title strings.

You should use the Clear All command with an existing worksheet to prepare for a new year. The starting bank balance will be initialized with the current bank balance, and the next check number will be initialized with the last check number plus one. If these values are not wanted, just type over them.