When you select the Extract command, the Extract dialog screen will be displayed. The top drop-down allows you to select a category of Income, Expense, or Employee. A category must be selected. You may also select All.

Within the selected category, the second drop-down allows you to select any account. The default is to select all accounts.

If you select all categories from the first menu, there will be no accounts available on the second drop-down.

The third drop-down allows you to select any business. One of the categories in the drop-down may be selected. The default is to select all businesses. This applies only to the multiple business version.

The bottom two edit boxes allow you to enter a start and end date. Transactions will not be extracted before the start date, or after the end date. The default is to use the earliest and latest date in the Transactions worksheet.

The extracted transactions will be displayed behind the dialog box after clicking on the OK button. To exit the Extract dialog, click on the Cancel button. Otherwise, categories may be changed for another extraction.

You may print the extracted transactions by pressing the PRINT button. After printing, any extract criteria may be changed. Be sure to click on the OK button to extract the information to the Extract worksheet before trying to print it. You will able to see this information change behind the dialog box.

Subtotals will be calculated and displayed if the Subtotal checkbox is checked.