When you select the Reconcile command, the Reconcile dialog screen will be displayed. It will be filled with the date, name, description, account, business, amount, and check number for each transaction that has not cleared the bank. Any information you change here will automatically be changed in the Transactions worksheet. If you need to change other fields, do so directly on the Transactions worksheet.

If the displayed transaction has cleared the bank, click on the Cleared button.

If the displayed transaction has not cleared the bank, click on the Outstanding button.

To terminate reconciliation before all outstanding transactions have been processed, click on the Cancel button. Clicking on the Cancel button processes the remaining transactions as outstanding.

After reconciliation, the Balance worksheet will be displayed. The calculated bank statement balance should match the actual bank statement balance. If they do not match, look for transactions that were not entered properly or automatic transactions that were not entered at all.

After reconciliation, the Extract worksheet will contain all outstanding transactions.

A transaction is automatically marked as cleared by placing the number of the month (1 for January, etc.) in the Month column of the Transactions worksheet.