Introduction to the I'm No Accountant Workbook

Bookkeeping in any business is important. Some people spend their whole lives doing nothing else. Not me. I'm no accountant, but I want to easily enter my checkbook transactions, reconcile my income and expenses with the bank statement, and generate a small number of reports at the end of the year for my accountant. If I make a mistake, I want an easy way to change the information stored in the computer. I want the calculations to be reliable.

I found the commercial accounting packages too complex for the needs of my small business. I'm no accountant, but I looked at the way many small businesses with cash flow, non-computerized accounting methods kept their books, and transferred those methods to a dialog oriented Excel workbook.

If you have hundreds of transactions a day, need A/R, A/P, payroll, billing, and inventory in an integrated package with double entry bookkeeping, you will need to keep looking. The I'm No Accountant Workbook for Excel doesn't do all those things. It does have important features that allow you to easily accomplish basic accounting functions for a small business.